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Similar to the other coastal cities within the tropics, Recife is warm all year long. Thanks to its close proximity to the equator, the sun even shines during the winter with an average temperature of 80 F. Even with the high temperatures the weather is very enjoyable from the cool ocean winds blowing in from the Atlantic.

During the winter months Recife and nearby areas may receive some rain or drizzle that lasts for a few days, but even without the warmth of the sun, low temperatures rarely drop below 70 F. The average year round temperature ranges from 73 F to 81 F. Although the weather in Recife is stable, the best time to go is from February to June in order to avoid the intense sun exposure of a tropical summer.

Stretched out along the northeast coast, Recife has some excellent beaches, and with mostly sunny days and a moderate temperature most days are perfect beach weather. Boa Viagem, the beach district, has many cafes and restaurants to enjoy. It is also recommended to stroll down the colonial streets of the old city, (Recife Antigo), especially during February, the month of Carnival.

Current Recife Weather Forecast
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Average Recife Temperatures

Month High °F Low °F High °C Low °C
Jan 77 69 30 25
February 81 70 30 25
Mar 81 71 30 24
Apr 83 73 29 24
May 84 74 28 23
June 84 75 28 23
July 83 75 27 22
Aug 82 73 27 22
Sep 78 70 28 23
Oct 75 67 29 24
Nov 74 68 29 24
Dec 76 67 29 25

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