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The Pantanal is spread out within the 2 states of Mato Grasso (Cuiaba is the Capital) and Mato Grasso de Sul (Campo Grande is the capital), with parts spilling over the Brazilian borders into Paraguay and Bolivia. There are several cities within the region that are excellent tourist destinations. Cuiaba is the main gateway city in the northern Pantanal and holds a int airport. 64 km and slightly northeast from Cuiaba is Chapades dos Guimaraes, with the Chapades dos Guimaraes National Park and is the region in which the Savannah ecosystem is found. Corumba is the main entryway into the Southern Pantanal and is connected by roadway and airport. Bonito is also in the south Pantanal, though located more east: almost directly opposite Cuiaba. Campo Grande is northeast of here, holds a national airport and is also connected by railroad.

When to Visit
The rainy season is from November to the beginning of April. Areas become flooded; oftentimes roads accessible by car during the dry season now only become accessible by boats. From May to October the water levels slowly diminish, and by the end of October the large lakes become small ponds and even puddles. As fish get trapped in these small water holes, this is feasting time for birds: and for the eyes of those who have come especially for bird watching.

Mato Grosso or Mato Grosso do Sul?
Assuming you are not planning to spend more then several days in the Pantanal, deciding whether to explore north or south becomes very important. Mato Grosso provides the opportunity to see three ecosystems at once: wetlands, Amazon rainforest and savannah. The gateway city is Cuiaba.

Mato Grosso do Sul- a World heritage Site- offers, asides from the Pantanal, excellent opportunities for wildlife, spelunking, snorkeling and hiking. The town of Bonito and the surrounding crystal rivers are here and hold incredible caves and diving opportunities for your explorations and should be a mandatory stop for the eco-tourist.

The town of Chapada dos Guimaraes is definitely worthy of a side-trip from either region, though Cuiaba is the usual jump-off point: asides from the beautiful rock formations, waterfalls and rivers with beautiful tropical vegetation, and hiking trails, there is also the Winter Festival held here in July where modern and sacred art mixes for an experience you won't soon forget.

Further Information
Below is further information on each region.
Campo Grande
Chapada dos Guimaraes

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