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The wonderous Amazon River in Brazil The Amazon is simply the world's greatest bio-system. The region of Amazonia, the correct name of this area, houses the most diverse collection of flora and fauna in the world. As much as 20% of all the world's species are found in the enormous rivers and jungles of Amazonia. The common way to refer to this whole area is simply: The Amazon.

The Amazon River is the second biggest river in the world (just behind the Nile in Egypt) and just happens to pass through the region of Amazonia in Brazil. The river is formed at the meeting of Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes. At this location, appropriately named, Meeting of the Waters, the black waters of Rio Negro join and mix with the clay-colored waters of Rio Solimoes. The effect can be brilliantly enjoyed right in front of a visitor's eyes, and happens to be one of the greatest highlights of the region.

The Meeting of the Waters happens just near the central city in Amazonia: Manaus. This city has the biggest airport in the region and serves as the base for most trips into the surrounding Amazon.

The Amazon's fantastic size has bewildered the minds of many adventurers and explorers, giving rise to as many myths and legends, including those of giant sloth and amorous dolphins. Fantastic plans to dominate and profit from this natural wonder, from Henry Ford's attempts to tame the wild rubber trees to Brazil's Finance Minister Delfini Neto's attempts to pay off the countries' foreign debt through profit from the Amazon, have all ended in failure, and have given this mystical and steaming green land the alternative title of "Green Hell."
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Exploring the Amazon

in the Brazilian Amazon
EcoLodges in the Amazon
A great way to experience the rainforest is by living in it. Eco Lodges provide this unique opportunity, with an array of options depending on how wild or "uncivilized" you want to be. Some Eco Lodges come fully equipped with pools, air conditioning and telephones. Others are closer to the ground, both literally and figuratively, and give you a sense of the immensity of the jungle- heat, humidity, mosquitoes, and all.

Cruises in the Brazilian Amazon
Cruises in the Amazon
Another popular way to experience the Amazon is on a multi-day cruise. A variety of ships and itineraries are available to you on such adventure.

Activities in the Brazilian Amazon
Activities in the Amazon
There are many options available to you, depending on your interests. You could take a brief flight into the Amazon to experience a quick love affair with the forest and then return back to "regular" civilization. For the more adventurous traveler, it is also possible to immerse yourself in the steamy jungles and lush waters and experience first hand the way of life of the local people.

in the Brazilian Amazon
Specialized Activities in the Amazon
Some activities and excursions are not included in standard trips to the Amazon, but that does not mean they do not exist. Specialized trips such as fishing, hunting, and deep jungle exploration can certainly be enjoyed in this great region.

Amazon Map - Manaus Area

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