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EcoTourism takes you to all parts of the world; regions that some people don't even know exist, let alone dream about.

It is always vital to know the vaccinations needed for the area you are visiting; common tropical diseases include Malaria, Typhoid and Yellow Fever. All of these have either oral or injection vaccinations that can be obtained at your doctor's office or local travel clinic.
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Immunization Requirements

Good equipment, such as comfortable hiking shoes and/or boots, wide brimmed hats, comfortable hiking backpack, effective mosquito repellent, sunblock, and appropriate clothing is also very important. Clothing is usually lightweight and cotton, as it is usually suggested to wear layers; thermal clothing for water; well-insulated clothing for the cold.

Adaptation happens after your body becomes adjusted to a particular region and climate and needs to be accounted for when you are introduced into an entirely different environment. When in the mountains, be prepared to sometimes experience altitude sickness (if you climb high enough) and to ask your doctor about effective altitude sickness pills.

Hiking speeds should vary and depend on the physical fitness of the individuals on the trail/hiking path. Guides should always adjust to your speed.

Dehydration is fairly common and can easily be avoided by drinking lots of water. Also, if you are in the heat and perspire more than usual, make sure to replenish your salt supply by taking mineral salts or adding more salt into your diet.

Heatstroke can be avoided by wearing sunscreen and head gear (hat, cap, etc) and to make sure your body is given all the necessary nutrients.

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