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Special Activities during Carnival

There are moments you simply shouldn't miss when you are in Rio de Janeiro for the Carnival.

A view of the Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro
Sambodromo Parade
This is a 700 meter parade strip that is the highlight of Carnival. From grandstand seats, 60,000 people observe the procession of the samba schools below. From sunrise to sunset, and around the clock, the Samba schools parade down the streets of Rio de Janeiro, but only the top 14 Samba Schools are "privileged" enough to parade in the Sambodromo. This is where the judging and awarding of the best samba school takes place every year. Unless you plan to take part in one of the parades in the outside streets (which you are more then welcome to) buying a ticket to watch the spectacular procession of the top samba bands is a must.

Street Processions
What happens to the other samba schools who happen to not have fallen into the top 14 schools? During the Carnival, these schools flood the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Through each neighborhood, the steets fill up with hundreds of followers, a nonstop party takes hostage the city for four days. Any passer by is more than welcome to join the street processions and dance along with the Samba dancers and marching bands.

Carnival Balls
During the nights of the carnival, some of the streets have finally been released (temporarily) from under the marching feet of the dancers and musicians. It is night time, but the party doesn't stop. The Masquerade Balls are high-class parties held into the early mornings of the next day. Designer-dressed celebrities attend the super-classy ones ) and most are held in the hotels situated along Copacabana Beach. The carnival ball in the Copacabana Palace Hotel is the largest, most luxurious, and most famous in Rio.

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